Top 5 Ways to Style Graphic Tees

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Jeans and tee, it’s been done…

Here are 5 of our favourite ways to style graphic tees.

1. The Cute Look: 


Source: The Stylish Geek 

Add a sleeveless blouse under your tee, then couple it with a colourful skirt and some comfy shoes (bonus points if your skirt shares a colour from your tee and makes it POP)


2. The Trendy Look:



Try out the stockings + shorts combo (the key is to make sure your shorts are quite loose on your legs). Then add a big, loose jacket or blouse over your tee, and accessorise with a choker, beanie,  and some rhinestone bracelets. Don’t forget to wear some Docs (Dr Martens) or Creepers to make your look complete!


3. The Chic Look:


Source: GlamRadar

Skinny pants (with a pattern), heels, fitted &/or leather jacket & a pair of superstar sunnies will bring out the inner chic of your tee.

4. The Bohemian Look:


Source: Spell

Couple your tee with a floral maxi skirt, some comfy boots or sandals, a coin necklace, a wide-rimmed hat and some round sunnies – easy!

5. The Party Look


Source: Jane

Simply tuck your tee into a pencil skirt (patterned, plain, leather, stretch, it doesn’t matter – they all work!) and couple it with some heels or ankle boots.