Happy Summerween!

For those of us in the Southern Hemisphere, Halloween happens during our hotter months (technically it’s the middle of Spring, but let’s be realistic – we only have two seasons: Summer and Winter). So we’ve decided to take a leaf out of Gravity Falls’ book and celebrate Summerween!

Want to know the best things about celebrating Summerween?… keep reading!
(or don’t – we’re not the boss of you)

Move over pumpkins – watermelons are much cooler, easier to cut, AND they have tastier guts!


Costumes Sans Frostbite:
In Australia you don’t need to worry about getting cold in your Summerween costume, because in October it’s always warm – even at night! This opens up a treasure trove of costume possibilities…



Cheap Candy Galore!
Sure, if you’re an adult you can buy candy whenever you want… but how often do you buy the super cheap candy you used to eat when you were a kid? We’re talking the head-achingly sweet stuff… GO WILD!


The Summerween Trickster:
Made from the rejected ‘loser’ candy discarded by picky children, the Summerween Trickster comes alive every year to make sure the spirit of Summerween stays alive…